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13 Bodybuilding Tips To Improve Your Workouts

Our body and our muscles require a lot of effort and training to come to the ideal form.

Everyone wants to look good and sporty, but not everyone knows how to do it.

The good news is that you can reach your goal faster with our 13 bodybuilding tips for efficient workouts.

13 Bodybuilding Tips For Better Workout

1. Eat Carbs

When it comes to bodybuilding, you should not take protein from food supplements alone. Carbohydrates are the main energy source for your muscles. Therefore, do not hesitate to eat cereals, pasta, or potatoes.

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2. Do Cardio First

If you want to shape your body as quickly as possible, do cardio and bodybuilding workouts on alternate days, instead of doing it one after the other. According to a study by scientists from the University of New South Wales, such a regime will allow you to lose weight faster.

3. Do Not Spend Too Long In The Gym

It is important to make the right number of sets and exercises. Experts recommend that beginners do not spend more than an hour in the gym, while advanced bodybuilders can stay there for 2 hours. Such a limit will allow you to make the most out of your training and provide maximum explosive force.

4. Drink Water During Your Training

It is important to drink a sufficient amount of water before you start your workout. The calorie content of a glass of water is only 2 kcal, but the effect of its application is invaluable. Water will not only quench your thirst but also help relieve muscle pain.

5. Do Not Forget About Sleep

If you want to get rid of excess weight and increase muscle mass, do not forget about sleep. According to scientists, less than 7 hours of sleep can increase insulin resistance by 33% and reduce testosterone production by 15%. This will lead to increased fat storage and muscle loss.

6. Train With Heavy Weights

We are not talking about pumping the muscles, but real bodybuilding. Do not forget that the muscles grow during rest, so do not go to the gym every day. Complete 3-4 training sessions within a week and limit your workout to 45-60 minutes.

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7. Avoid Eating At Night

To reduce body fat, you need to remember that the body stores fat during the day and breaks it down at night. If you eat a large dinner, your body will not need to break down fat but will store it instead.

8. Do Not Forget About Snacks

Do not be afraid to snack every 2-3 hours. It is worth eating a small number of nuts, protein bars, or bananas. If you do not have time to eat properly before your workout, you can always eat while resting between sets.

9. Create A Routine And Stick To It

You need to divide your workout into 3-4 days a week and stick to your routine. This will help you avoid injury and get the maximum effect from training. Do not forget that to see a result in a week, you need to train for a month.

10. Train With Intensity

If you want to tone and strengthen your muscles, do not forget about the intensity of training. The harder you train, the faster you will reach your goal.

11. Use A Variety Of Exercises

Changing the exercises every week will allow you to work the muscles from a different angle. In addition, this will enable you to reduce the risk of injury and avoid stagnation.

12. Love the Process

If you want to achieve great results, you need to love the process. It is important to remember that there will be a moment when the body is exhausted and you have no strength to perform the prescribed number of exercises. Push yourself just a little bit, even if you can barely move your hands.

13. Rest Between Sets

Experts advise that beginners rest between sets for 1-2 minutes, while advanced bodybuilders can rest up to 3 minutes. This will help your muscles recover and prepare for the next set. Make it a routine and the results will be awesome and fruitful.


So, these were the 13 bodybuilding tips for a better and more effective workout.

Please note that bodybuilding should not be considered as a short-term solution, but rather an art. If you want to create amazing forms, work on yourself for at least 2 years. It is important to remember that the body responds slowly and requires time.

Do not be afraid of trying something new and spending a lot of time in it.

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