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15 Foods To Avoid To Lose Fat Faster

Losing weight is not only about counting calories and eating foods that allow you to stay within the ideal number of calories. It's also about paying attention to the quality of foods that you eat, to make it possible to lose weight not only faster but also reliably.

If you focus too much on low-calorie meals, you might choose the ones that are low on fiber or protein. In the end, you will feel hungry and unsatisfied. Hence resort to snacking as a way to make up for the hunger.

In this article, we are going to look at 15 different foods that you should avoid if you want to fasten your journey to weight loss. Let's dive in!

15 Foods to Avoid To Lose Fat Faster

1. Sugary beverages

A majority of beverages in the market today such as sports drinks, sodas, and fruit juices come loaded with added sugars.

The downside to taking such beverages is that they will add calories to your meals but they won't help you to feel full.

According to the 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans, it is recommended that you stick to at most 10% calories from added sugars out of your total daily calorie intake.

Besides, this 2015 study found that there is a link between sweetened beverages and too much weight gain in children and adolescents.

2. Sugary cereals

The breakfast that you have every day can have a major effect on your weight loss journey since the right breakfast will reduce hunger.

If, however, you eat sugary cereal for breakfast, you should not be surprised if your weight loss process becomes challenging. When looking for breakfast cereal, avoid the ones that have sugar and overly-refined grains in them.

 3. Diet soda

If you've been contemplating switching to diet soda from regular soda, you might want to rethink your decision. Taking diet soda regularly can encourage your body to gain up to three times abdominal fat, according to this 2015 study.

 4. White bread

Not only does white bread contain lots of added sugar, but it also uses highly-refined grains. And if that is not enough, it's also high on the glycemic index and has a high potential of raising blood sugar levels.

The good thing is that there are lots of other nutritious and palatable bread options, so you don't have to struggle a lot.

5. Candy bars

One of the most common yet unhealthy foods on this list is candy bars. It is a total disaster to anyone trying to lose weight as it is packed with added oils, refined flour, and added sugar.

What's more? Candy bars contain lots of calories but they have a surprisingly low nutrients count. So, ditch this unhealthy snack and go for a handful of nuts or a piece of fruit instead.

6. Margarine

 It is linked with hydrogenated fats and is known to be less helpful when it comes to nutrition. According to studies, foods with lots of hydrogenated fats can cause insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes over time.

A single tablespoon of margarine contains about 3 grams of trans fat. That is why it is not in any way good for your body.

7. Alcoholic drinks

Avoid alcoholic drinks as much as you can when trying to lose weight.

They decrease the rate at which you lose weight. Also, alcohol contains empty calories that won't leave you satiated.

In addition, a mixture of carbs, proteins, fats, and these empty calories will only encourage continued weight gain as opposed to fat-burning.  

What's more?

When you take too much alcohol, you encourage your body to produce a hormone known as cortisol, which breaks down your muscles and preserves fat.

So, until you have attained your weight losf goal, it is recommend that you avoid alcoholic drinks. But even after that, make sure to exercise control when taking such drinks.

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8. Frozen meals

Frozen meals contain added calories that doesn't keep you satiated.

They also have sodium in them. Manufacturers add sodium as a natural preservative but it has several unwanted effects.

Not only will it make you want to drink water a lot, but you'll also feel bloated and will struggle to lose weight.

9. Whole milk

This kind of milk has lots of extra fat and cholesterol in it, which will make your weight loss journey all the more challenging.

In this case, you should consider going with skimmed milk as the better option since it provides you with the benefits of milk that you are after without presenting you with the challenges of whole milk.

10. Tropical fruits

If you have been interested in losing weight and staying fit for quite a while, it's more likely that you are already aware that fruits make great snacks for the times that you are on a diet.

If, however, you are dieting with the main goal of losing weight there are some fruits that you will want to consume in moderation. 

Fruits such as ripe pineapples and mangoes are high in natural sugars, and as such eating, too many of these can hinder the fast reduction of weight.

11. Microwave popcorn

Information from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), highlights that the bags that microwave popcorn come in not only increase the chances of thyroid problems, but they can also contribute to infertility.

It's true that popcorn is low in calories, but with additives involved, the same desirable characteristics can fly away so easily.

12. "Low fat" foods

One thing that you ought to know about the manufacturing process of "low fat" foods is that they are often stripped of their natural elements and chemicals are added to make them "low in fat".

As if that is not enough, when you consume these foods, it's so easy to binge since you will have the mentality that you are consuming foods that have a low-calorie count.

13. White rice

You might think that white rice is a very good option when it comes to losing weight since it's usually low in fat. Even though this type of rice does not contain excess fat, it has minimal protein and fiber.

 Also, according to this study done in 2016,  white rice was associated with obesity in female adolescents. As if that is not enough, this kind of rice is known to have a high glycemic index.

What this means is that if you eat too much white rice, you can expect your blood sugar levels to rise afterward.

 A better option to white rice would, instead, be brown rice, cauliflower rice, and quinoa. These foods have a higher amount of dietary fiber, which leaves you fuller for extended periods.

14. Ice cream

In addition to having a limited amount of protein and fiber, ice cream is also a high-calorie, high-sugar dessert. As you can expect, these two characteristics make it undeniably challenging to lose weight effectively.

As if that is not enough, it's so tempting to exceed the daily recommended amount of ice cream.

The better alternative to go with is frozen fruit if you want a cold, sweet treat.

15. Processed meat

If you love meat that has either been canned, smoked, fermented, dried, or processed and reserved, you might want to change your mind. Not only are these meats lacking in nutrients, but they also contain ridiculously high amounts of salt.

In some cases, they are also calorie-dense, especially when compared with lean protein sources.


Did you also know that the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) also categorizes meat as a carcinogen? Not to scare you but if you can avoid meat, and especially processed meat, make the effort to do so. Your body will thank you for it. 

So, there you go

15 foods that you should avoid to quicken your journey to fat loss. Of course, getting rid of some of these foods requires dedication and sacrifice, but we can assure you that every effort is worthwhile.


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