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Ab Exercises-Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Exercise

Your core is important in your capacity to do anything from squatting heavyweights to improving your balance to hike up the stairs with ease and the ability to run long distances swiftly.

With these 20+ arrays of beginner, intermediate, and advanced ab exercises, you'll be able to strengthen your abs.

Ab exercises For Beginners

Here are 10 ab exercises for beginners:

 1 Abs Rollout wheel

Bow on the ground with an abs wheel below your shoulders. Firm your abs, then roll your wheel forward up to the time you will feel your core will release and as if your hips will fall. This is one of the best abdominal exercises.

Pro tip

Roll yourself backward to start again after doing the reps that you can.

2. Getups 

Raise your right hand in the air and stand up using (at most) your left hand from a sitting position. Get up without using your arms if you have adequate core strength. On one side, do the required number of reps, then switch sides.

Pro tip

Keep working until you can get up without utilizing your arms.

3. Horizontal Woodchop Cable

Grasp the handle with both hands and place a cable pulley that is adjustable at shoulder level. Twist your body away from the machine in a way you were chopping on the tree by standing with your feet, shoulders apart while maintaining a perpendicular angle at the anchor point, and your arms stretched far away from a machine so that the cable gets tension. Twist towards the machine as if you're cutting into a tree. 

Pro tip

Ensure your feet are still 

4. Leg Raise

Sit while facing down on the bench for support. Raise your legs until they're vertical and Keep them straight. 

Pro tip

Stop short on the floor to maintain tension on the ab before you try again. 

5. Russian Twist Medicine Ball

Lie on the ground with your legs straight and feet together. Extend all the arms in your front while sitting up with a medicine ball. Twist explosively to the right side and on the left side. 

Pro tip

Alternate sides after each twist.

6. Pike to the Superman

Start from a pushup position, keeping your toes on the ball. Roll the ball as you bend your hip to your side so that your body becomes on the vertical side. Roll on the back so that your body becomes straight again, extend the spine and roll your ball up to your legs to form a line with your arms in a straight line stretched above you but maintaining your hands on the floor. You should resemble a superman flying down. 

Pro tip

After returning to the pushup position, pull with your lats to begin the next rep.

 7. Reverse Crunch 

Sit down on the floor as you wrap the band around your feet' arches. Cross the band end over the other to form an "X," then grab both ends with your hands positioned opposite each other. Lie facedown with your legs outstretched. Crunch your body from the floor by bending your hips and knees. 

Pro tip

Extend the legs as you raise the arms over your head and keep the shoulder blades on the floor.

8. Rollout Using Swiss Ball 

Extend your legs behind you and rest your arms on the ball. Support your abs as you roll your ball forward while extending your hips and arms. 

Pro tips

When you start feeling that you're about to lose tightness in the ab, roll back until they're taut again.

9. Medicinal Ball Tuck

Lie on a bench with the ball in between Your legs. Elevate and extend your legs in your front, extending your torso to make your body stay in a straight line. For support, grasp the bench. 

Pro tip

Crunch your upper body forward and push your knees into your chest.

10. Side Plank

Sit on the left side with your left arm on the floor to create support. Ensure your hips are raised and straighten your body, placing all of your weight on the left forearm.

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Pro tip

Your abs should be firmly braced throughout the exercise.

Intermediate ab Exercises

Below are 12 ab exercises for intermediates:

 1. Sprinter

Put your feet on a suspension trainer's foot cradles and stay in a pushup position with the hands touching the floor. Drive one of your knees as you extend your chest. Now push your opposite leg to the chest.

 Pro tips

Continue until you appear to be running.

2. Throw and Situp

Sit on the floor with a ball in your front and hold it with both hands. For support, anchor the feet against something solid, lay back on the floor little feet from the brick, and listen to this podcast episode. This is one of the best abdominal exercises for intermediate people.

Pro tip

You can also throw it to a buddy if you have one. 

3. Straight-Leg Situp

Lie down with an empty or lightly loaded Barbell over Your chest, just as you would for a bench press. Your legs should be stretched out in front of you on the ground. Raise your torso until it's vertical, performing a situp. 

Pro tip

Maintain an overhead press posture by keeping the bar over Your head at the top of the situp

4. Suitcase Deadlift

Stand on the left of the Barbell with your feet apart. Bend the hips back as you drop your body up to the time you can grab the Barbell on its center using the right hand. Raise your legs and then lockout your hips as you brace the core while pushing through the heels.

Pro tip

Keep the spine straight throughout the entire set.

5. Plyo Plank Shuffle

Start in a high plank position, with Your hands behind Your shoulders and Your toes on the BOSU. Step left foot to the Side of the BOSU and then return it to the ball for one rep on each side. For a challenge, move legs in sync. Begin with the left leg a foot away from the BOSU and then swing hips and push off with both feet, bringing left foot to the ball and right foot to the floor. Continue alternating sides. 

 Pro tip

Do 40-second sets one after another.

6. Front Squat

Set a barbell on a power rack at about shoulder height (if you don't have a rack, clean it to Your shoulders). Raise your elbows until Your upper arms are parallel to the floor and hold the bar with hands at shoulder width. Take the bar out of the rack and let it rest on Your fingertips as long as Your elbows stay up. Back and set Your feet at shoulder width with toes pointed out slightly. This is one of the best abdominal exercises for advanced people.

Pro tip

Squat as low as you can without allowing Your lower back to slump.

7. Kettlebell Plank Sweeps

Raise a high plank with a kettlebell outside your left hand. With Your right hand, grab the kettlebell and "sweep" or drag it back and forth with a full range of motion beneath Your body. Maintain a solid core, glutes engaged and hips level throughout the movement. 

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 Pro tip

 Your obliques should power this exercise.

 8. Seated Sprinter

Sit with your legs extended and your heels lightly touching the ground. Lean back until Your core engages, making sure to avoid a drooping lower back. Take both hands to the ground and extend your feet back as if you are preparing for a long jump. Raise your left knee to the ceiling while bending elbows at 90 degrees, allowing the right hand to rise and the left hand to drop down like a runner, beginning. 

Pro tip

Switch arm and Leg positions rapidly and frequently, as though sprinting.

9. Boat Pose

Sit upright with Your hands facing each other. Extend and raise both legs. If bending at the knees is too difficult, bend at the knees to do half boat with the insides of Your feet touching. Keep Your arms on either side of your legs and Keep Your back straight. To maintain Your spine straight, activate Your abs.  

Pro tip

Hold this posture for five long breaths, around 10 seconds each.

10. Oblique Mountain Climbers

Begin in a pushup position, with Your heels on the ground and Your feet together. Twist your body to that side for 30 seconds by driving your knees toward the other arm and forcing it back. 

Pro tip

Maintain a low hip throughout the movement.

11. Banded Reverse Crunch

Attach a resistance band on the pole and sit with your legs bent. Lie facedown on a low bench, brace Your palms on the floor, and Extend your legs in front of you. Grasp the kettlebell behind the head and anchor the upper part of the body as you draw the belly in, lift the lower back from the ground, and roll your hips toward your shoulders.

Pro tip

Reverse the process by rolling hips and knees away from shoulders

 12. Waiter's Walk

Grab a dumbbell or kettlebell in one hand and hold it overhead or with Your elbow bent so it's near Your face. Keep Your shoulder blades retracted and down as you walk, and fire Your glutes. Keep your wrists straight and your arm bent as if you were waiting tables and carrying a tray. Walk ten paces out and ten paces back. 

Pro tip

Repeat with the other hand.

Advanced ab Exercises

Here are the 7 Advanced ab exercises :

 1. T Pushup

Begin by standing with your feet hip-width apart and your palms facing in, holding a pair of light dumbbells. Bend your knees and lower yourself, then straighten up while lifting your left arm and rotating to the left until your left arm is upright and Your right side faces the floor. You should be able to form a "T" shape on your body when in the side plank position. 

Pro tip

Repeat from the other side.

2. Bird Dog Crunch

Kneel on all fours and pull your shoulders back. Reach one arm as far forward as possible and the opposite foot as far behind as possible.

Pro tip

 Bring Your elbows and knees together to crunch, drawing in the abs.

3. One-Arm Farmer's Carry

 Just one dumbbell puts a lot of stress on the abs to keep you steady. Walk 10 yards out and 10 yards back with a dumbbell in one hand. Don't stoop over. Keep your shoulder blades pulled down and back, and fire your glutes as you walk. 

 Pro tip

 Repeat with the other arm.

 4. Burpee

This is a core-strength exercise that few people know about. From a standing position, squat and place your hands on the ground, then "jump" your feet out into a pushup posture. After completing a pushup, jump your feet to your hands as quickly as possible. 

Pro tip

Jump as high as you can, throwing Your hands over

5. Swiss Ball Plate Crunch

Lie supine on a Swiss Ball with your torso arched over the ball. Touch your shoulders, back, and glutes to the ball so your abs are stretched. Hold a weight plate over your head. Roll your hips and chest up, crunching from the top of Your torso. 

Pro tip

Lower Your hips and chest to the starting position.

6. Medicine Ball Rotational Throw

Take a medicine ball in both hands and stand facing a wall with Your feet shoulder-width apart. With Your shoulders, hips, and torso turned away from the wall, throw the Ball behind Your hip. 

Pro tip

Turn Your hip back to the wall, then rotate the rest of your body to throw the ball against it.

 7. Corkscrew

 Begin on Your back, arms beside you and legs straight at a 45-degree angle to the floor. Inhale as you push your legs toward your torso and roll the spine off the mat into a hover position: hips are off the ground and turned back, feet are overhead. Tilt legs to the right and roll back up to hover while exhaling, press through hands, and lean left as you roll down the spine at a 45-degree angle. 

Pro tip

Tilt legs to the left and return to hover before finishing a circle. 

Final Words 

In a nutshell, these core-strengthening ab exercises discussed above are an excellent place to start when it comes to boosting your strength and flexibility.

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