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How to create a bodybuilding diet plan?

Looking for bodybuilding diet plan? I got you. 

Since my teenage years, my dream was always to become a fitness member. I wanted to gain the right amount of muscles so I could flex to everyone.

Initially, I had this idea of gaining muscles; I only needed to hit the gym and instantly gain my dream body.

I wish it were that easy, though.

I spent months training, and no change was taking place. Frustration led me to discover what I had been doing wrong, my diet plan.

Nutrition plays a significant role in recovery, growth, health, and general fitness without even putting your body on any lean muscles.

To live my dream, I had to change my lifestyle and develop a meal plan that would help me gain muscles when incorporated with hard work at the gym.

Creating a bodybuilding diet plan requires one to have knowledge of foods constituents and consider several things for maximum results. Some of the tips to help make a significant muscle gaining meal plan include;

Determining calories for your bodybuilding meal plan

A person aspiring to gain muscles, their meal plan keeps on changing due to the increase of the body muscles and the changes in their workout routines to accommodate the developing muscles. The more you increase the body muscles, the more you have to eat and the vice versa.

How to know if you are losing or building your lean muscle mass

This is mainly done by measuring the course. Measuring the course can be done by either taking your measurements on the weighing scale or tracking your progress using body fat callipers.

An increase in the body muscles increases the weight. However, one should be careful as an increase in weight can also result from the fat gain in the body.

A bodybuilder is bound to add on some weight due to the high intake of calories; however, it should be moderate to avoid excessive intake.

When used every fortnight, body fat callipers give the builder an idea of how their body progresses. A moderate increase in the body measurements shows there is an improvement.

On the contrary, if you notice you are becoming leaner, it is time to increase your food consumption.


Calculate the body fat

Calculating your body fat helps establish the amount of free fat mass that has increased or decreased and how it has affected the general body mass. Ideally, a bodybuilder should have a more fat-free mass that is turned into muscles.

Therefore, ensure you include more carbohydrates and protein into your meal plan to achieve the desired goal.

Finding the right foods plan for you to help in muscle building

The most crucial elements to be included in any bodybuilders meal have;

  • Proteins such as egg whites, whole eggs, white meat, Greek yogurt, among other protein-sufficient foods
  • Carbohydrates such as brown rice, potatoes, oats, cereals, among other starch adequate foods.
  • Fruits, vegetables, and legumes.
  • Oils

Have the five pillars of bodybuilding nutrition

  • Limit the intake of processed foods as such foods do not provide the number of food nutrients one must take.
  • Eat throughout the day. It is more effective to have small meals in between hours to help fuel the body and keep the sugar levels up, which allows the body's metabolism to adapt to stimuli from the training.
  • Take a lot of water. Increase your level intake of water and calorie-free drinks to help sustain the body's performance.
  • Plan your carb intake. Carbs are in two forms, fast action carbs such as bread and rice and no starchy carbs such as vegetables and fruits. It is best to consume the starchy carbs before or immediately after workouts to fuel or replenish muscle glycogen in the body.
  • Eat a lot of lean protein. High-protein foods are the most important for any bodybuilder. It is best to take proteins in between meals and slow digestion casein proteins for maximum results.

Take supplements for bodybuilders 

Gaining the right muscles that one desires may not be that easy as it is also hard to maintain a straight diet without fallouts.

In addition, when one has a limited amount of time to build the required muscles, it is best to boost their training by taking the right supplements.

Supplements exist in various forms.

The most recommended supplements for bodybuilders include;

  • Whey protein is a fast-digesting milk protein containing all essential amino acids. Whey protein exists in three forms; concentrate, isolate, and hydrolysate.
  • Creatine. When consumed, this substance becomes creatine phosphate, which then results in Adenosine Triphosphate, which aids in providing energy for the muscles.
  • Omega 3 fish oil. Fatty fish are essential to the body; however, they are expensive. Therefore, to cut on the cost, one can opt to use oil supplements.

Final words

A bodybuilder should stick to a planned diet to help them attain the desired muscles. It is essential to incorporate all the diet, proper working out routine, and supplements. How excellent would it be to have an easy road to your bodybuilding journey?


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