L-arginine for weight loss: Does it burn fat?

L-arginine for weight loss: Does it burn fat? | Leopard Nutrition

L-arginine is a naturally occurring amino acid and supplement. You can use it to help boost metabolism, promote weight loss, and improve heart health. Though the body produces L-arginine on its own, some indications show that supplementation could have specific benefits for weight loss.

L-arginine shows increase growth hormone levels in the body. This helps regulate metabolism and control hunger cravings. It also makes it an excellent choice for those struggling with food addiction or overeating issues. The increased production of nitric oxide also helps blood vessels dilate more efficiently.

So, they can carry oxygen through the bloodstream. This means L-arginine will help your muscles recover faster after workouts, improve heart health and boost energy levels.

L-arginine is also a precursor to creatine. This helps build muscle mass, increase strength, and improve athletic performance.

Finally, L-arginine may help the body burn fat more efficiently. You can use it as an alternative to caffeine or other stimulants that come with potential side effects.

Is L- Arginine Good for Weight Loss

Yes! L-arginine is good for weight loss. It reduces appetite, mainly carbohydrates. It also reduced abdominal fat in obese women who were on a calorie-restricted diet.

It is clear L-arginine helps with weight loss. One explanation is that it decreases insulin resistance and increases insulin sensitivity. This reduces carbohydrates cravings.

Another mechanism is the effect of l-arginine on nitric oxide (NO) levels in the body. NO dilates the blood vessels and improves blood flow to all body tissues, including muscles that need energy for exercise.

Improved blood flow also helps with the removal of metabolic wastes and toxins from cells. This means more efficient fat burning and reduction of excess Carbohydrates from the bloodstream.

Animal studies have shown an increase in muscle mass. This is because of better retention of nitrogen and higher levels of protein synthesis after consuming l-arginine. This results in better muscle tone and strength, enhancing fat burning and lean muscle mass for weight loss.

What Is the Best Time to Take L-arginine?

The best time to take l arginine is about half an hour before aerobic exercise and immediately after resistance training. This is because it can help promote blood flow and enhance the effects of insulin. L-arginine causes amino metabolism. This increases nitrogen retention in muscle fibers, resulting in increased potential for lean muscle growth post-exercise.

Researchers performed a study on rats to determine how L- arginine may affect carbohydrate uptake after resistance training. They found that supplementing with L- arginine increased the rates of glycogen storage in muscles by 60 per cent above normal levels.

Another study showed that taking supplements containing amino acids, glutamine, and L-arginine before exercise helped participants build more lean muscle tissue. This is because it metabolizes amino during exercise, which increases nitrogen retention in muscle fibers—the more nitrogen present in muscles, the more the potential for lean muscle growth post-exercise.

L- arginine benefits

There are many benefits of L-arginine to the body. They include:

1. L- arginine can boost energy production

It promotes the release of insulin, which stimulates the uptake of other amino acids into tissues such as muscles. It also boosts energy synthesis in cells through increased metabolic processes. L arginine also helps enhance endurance by encouraging fat for fuel during more extended periods of exercise. It also allows your body to get rid of lactic acid, so you don’t get sore muscles after a workout.

2. L-arginine can reduce blood pressure

It has shown the amino acid to relax and dilate arteries that supply blood to the heart and other areas. This makes it helpful in lowering high systolic (upper) and diastolic (bottom) blood pressure levels.

3. L-arginine is an antioxidant

Arginine is one of the amino acids involved in the urea cycle, which helps rid your body of ammonia. This substance can be toxic if it builds up in your body. It converts ammonia into urea with the help of l arginine and other chemicals in this process for excretion through urine. As an antioxidant, arginine also neutralizes free radicals produced during energy production processes within cells.

4. It has immune-boosting properties

The positive impact of l-arginine on immunity boasts linkage to the capacity of the amino acid to regulate levels of other compounds involved in immunity. For instance, l-arginine boosts a mix called nitric oxide. The oxide regulates immune cells and improves circulation.

5. It has anti-cancer effects:

Arginine interacts with cells from your immune system that help support healthy function. This amino acid may have an indirect impact on preventing various cancers. That is by enhancing the effectiveness of your body’s natural defences that protect against cancer formation.

In one study, researchers provided patients with advanced pancreatic cancer with either a placebo or IV-administered arginine supplement for two weeks. The results showed those who took the arginine had reduced tumour size compared with patients who did not receive arginine.

6. L arginine can help fight viruses and bacteria:

Arginine has antiviral effects that have appeared in treating herpes simplex virus type 1, which causes/ cold sores on the

  • Face or lips
  • Genital herpes
  • Shingles

Researchers believe these effects are because of the ability of l-arginine to produce nitric oxide, which inhibits viruses from replicating. Besides, the immune system requires healthy levels of l-arginine for optimal functioning. When you lack this amino acid, your body cannot defend itself against invading organisms.

L- arginine uses

L-arginine has multiple uses. They include

  • Weight loss increases muscle mass, making you burn more calories than fat cells do when you are at rest.
  • Increasing energy because it breaks up lactic acid, which builds up in muscle cells when you are exercising.
  • Improving immune function. L-arginine helps white blood cells to produce chemicals that boost immunity and fight infection.
  • Stroke prevention, brain health, liver health, heart disease reversal, diabetes reversal, ADHD treatment, anxiety relief, and more.

Wrap Up

Before taking l-arginine as a supplement for weight loss, talk to your doctor to see if any conditions make it dangerous for you.

Also, consult your physician about the correct dosage to take to avoid an overdose, which often causes diarrhoea. A typical dose is 5-12 grams per day, born in the morning and afternoon.

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