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L-Carnitine: Everything you need to know

Wondering if you should start taking L-Carnitine to reach your goal weight?

If there is one thing everyone hates to do, it has to be losing weight. While weight gain can be steady and, at times, too fast, weight loss is a hassle. For this reason, there have been so many diets in the market that people employ to try and speed up the weight loss process.

While most promise and deliver on results, they also have dire consequences. L-carnitine was introduced to the market for this reason.

Research shows that it works beyond the weight loss program and has even better benefits. If you have been thinking of using l carnitine, here is everything you need to know about it. It will help you know if it is the best drug for you.

What is l-carnitine?

One of the things many people have issues with is figuring out what l-carnitine is in the first place. Originally, it occurs in the body as a chemical substance that burns down fats and controls cholesterol levels. It ensures that fat in the body is burned up and used as energy. 

You can take L-carnitine as a supplement when your body is not producing enough. Even though there is still a lot of research needed to be done on it, current results are very promising.

L-carnitine uses & deficiency.

L-carnitine has been used for a while now for a couple of things, and knowing about them will help you get the right l carnitine supplement when needed.

One of the most important areas where supplements are used is when a patient has a deficiency of the chemical in the body. It might be due to some genetic disease or disorder, and it is administered through IV in such situations.

Chest pain

Oral and IV intake of l-carnitine is also known to help patients with chest pains when exercise intolerant. Users need to remember that taking it means taking it alongside other chest medications to work together. You can administer the oral medication at home, but the IV one requires a certified health provider.

Reduces fats and cholesterol in the blood

L-carnitine is known to aid in the reduction of cholesterol in the bloodstream. Based on how dire your condition is, you can either take it through your bloodstream or take it through an IV.

Used in treating fertility and sexual issues

L-carnitine helps treat erectile dysfunction in men and fertility issues in women. It may also help women with PCOS regulate their cycle and increase their chances of conceiving. It is also effective in increasing the chances of conception during ovulation.


Used to counter the effects of valproic acid

Valproic acid is a synthetic crystalline compound that is used in the treatment of epilepsy. When one is not careful, valproic acid can cause liver toxicity. Using l-carnitine helps deal with this issue.

Benefits of using l-carnitine

With all these uses, there are bound to be major benefits if using l-carnitine. Here are some of the main ones.

It burns fats. 

  • One of the major reasons why people use l-carnitine is its ability to burn fats in the body. L-carnitine weight loss results show that one can easily slow their weight faster than they would if they only did exercise and diet.
  • Speeds up one's metabolism. The health of every person many times depends on the metabolism they have. The older one gets, the slower their metabolism gets as well. Taking l-carnitine helps deal with this issue. One does not have to worry about how fast they put on weight after shedding it.
  • Balances out your hormones. Hormonal imbalance causes some of the major issues in the body. The body responds to everything as expected once the hormones in the body are balanced. There would be no issues with your digestion or reproduction process.

L-carnitine side effects

Despite all these benefits, there is a chance that you will experience some side effects when using l-carnitine. Knowing about these side effects helps you figure out if you want to go through the dosage or choose to look for alternative medicine for your condition. Here are the main side effects

  • Heartburn
  • Stomach upset
  • Diarrhoea
  • Change is body odour scent.
  • Seizures

If you notice any of these side effects, then it would help if you still want to use the drugs or if you should stop them. It also helps you know if you need a second consult after you notice the side effects.

Risk factors

Even with the side effects, certain conditions are risk factors and may need you to talk to a specialist before you are put on the drug. Here are the main ones:

  • Pregnancy. There is little research done on how l-carnitine affects pregnant women.
  • Breastfeeding. One can take l-carnitine while breastfeeding but always monitor the dose. Small amounts of l-carnitine found in breast milk have little effect on the child. No studies show what large amounts would do to the child.
  • Children. Although children can use l carnitine, it is only taken orally. The dosage should not last more than 6months.
  • Seizures. It is not recommended if the patient has a history of seizures. 


Getting a supplement that works and has little to no side effects can be a hassle for most people. The chemicals in these supplements are often unknown and can have dire effects on the body.

This, however, is not the case with l-carnitine. The studies done so far show that it is a promising supplement in the world of medicine. The one thing you should remember when taking l-carnitine is to have your doctor's approval.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What should be the minimum age for taking L-Carnitine?

A. It is not decided the minimum age for taking L-carnitine. But it must be 18. If you are taking supplements, please be concerned own doctor.
L-carnitine is a chemical that is made in the human brain, liver, and kidneys. It helps the body turn fat into energy.


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