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Mass Gainer: How, when and who should take it?

Using a mass gainer is not the same as using a protein supplement. A mass gainer is different from a typical protein powder and supplies your body with the nutrients and calories that it requires.

In a single serving of the mass gainer, you can gain between 350 and 1200 calories. The carbohydrates will also be absorbed quickly, and it is essential to time your consumption correctly to achieve the best results.

How to take Mass Gainer

It is essential that you use mass gainer in the right proportion and only take as much as you need. It is better to use milk to mix the powder as compared to water. When you use water instead of milk, you will be losing out on 120 calories and 8 grams of protein. 

Also, try and use a blender when preparing your shake to break everything smoothly. One or two scoops are typically enough to keep you energized and give you the calories that you need. With the blender, you will also eliminate all lumps in the drink, ensuring that you completely digest the mass gainer. 

When taking the mass gainer, ensure that you are eating something every 3 to 4 hours. Also, prioritize your sleep and ensure that you are getting enough of it. Keep track of all changes that you are experiencing and do your workouts passionately. 

Can I take Protein and Mass Gainer Together?

With a good mass gainer, you will be getting about 700 kCal for every 200 g of powder. The mass gainer is enough for all the proteins and carbohydrates you need, and there is no need for the additional protein supplement.

However, if you want to gain muscles, you can have a whey protein supplement with your mass gainer. 

The mass gainer will provide you with calories and protein, whereas the protein powder will provide you with mostly protein. When you combine the two, you will simply be boosting the amount of protein that you get.

However, the best thing would be to take them at different times since there are no additional ingredients in either product.


It would not bring you any harm to consume the protein and the mass gainer together. The mixture can give you carbohydrates and proteins simultaneously, which is good for gaining mass and building your muscles.

When Should I take Mass Gainer?

The first thing in the morning after a long night of sleep is to take a mass gainer. At this time, you will have already exhausted all the nutrients, and your body will have entered a catabolic state.

When you take the mass gainer in the morning, you will be able to restore your calories together with valuable nutrients and proteins that will shift your body back into an anabolic state.

A good mass gainer such as Hardcode Muscle Gainer Protein Powder from Leopard Nutrition will do the trick. 

About half an hour before your workout is another optimal time to take the mass gainer. As you will be working out, the mass gainer will ensure that the insulin and amino acids needed by the muscles are delivered quickly.

Immediately after the workout, your body will have burnt a lot more calories, and as such, your metabolic rate will have been increased. At this time, taking a mass gainer will preserve muscle mass while restoring your body to its size.

Right before you get into bed, you can take advantage of the mass gainer to enhance your body size. As you sleep, your body will have started a fast that goes on until the following day. 

When you take the mass gainer before going to sleep, you will consume calories in a more convenient form. This should, however, not be a reason to quit your daily meals. It would be best not to take the mass gainer without weight training as it can cause fat accumulation in your body. 

One of the best mass gainers out there is the Leopard Nutrition Hardcore Muscle gainer. It works best after a workout and between meals and enables you to reach your goals. Find out more information here.

Who Should Take Mass Gainers?

If you have diabetes, mass gainers are not recommended as they tend to have high amounts of carbohydrates. As such, they will be likely to make your underlying health condition worse. 

You should stay away from mass gainers if you have diabetes. It is also crucial to consult your doctor before you try any supplements, as the doctor will advise on what approach to take with the nutritional supplements. 

Mass gainers are for anyone looking to gain some mass, and when taken together with the proper regiment of workout sessions, you can quickly achieve fantastic results. A proper mix of workouts, meals, mass gainers, and enough sleep will enable your body to gain mass. 

You will also be able to build on muscles in the process. The mass gainers will achieve a balance of calories in your body while resupplying the depleted supplies of calories when you wake up and after a workout session. 


Hopefully, this guide should be enough to provide you with some insight into mass gainers and who should take them. With this information, you will make better fitness decisions and stay in great shape. So, when do you think is the best time to take the mass gainer? 


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