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Pea Protein Vs Whey Protein: How to choose the right one?

Pea Protein Vs Whey Protein: Wondering whether you should take whey protein or pea protein? 

If you are working on increasing your muscles, you must have looked into protein powders.

Even though they both work extremely well for the better part, there have been debates over which powder is superior. The current debate takes comparisons between pea protein and whey protein.

If you are stuck on which of these two would help you, you are not alone.

Here are some of the differences between pea protein and whey protein.

Pea Protein Vs Whey Protein

Protein Content

One of the first things you need to look at is these two powders' protein content. When you compare the two, there is not much difference.

While the pea powder has about 22 grams per serving, whey has 25 grams.

These are both okay since the recommendations are you can only use up to 30 grams per service of protein without having any consequences on your body.

Nutrient Content

When you look at the two powders' nutritional value, there is a slight difference.

Whey offers you calcium, iron, magnesium as well as phosphorous. On the other hand, the calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus levels are slightly lower in pea protein.

The only thing that stands out for pea protein is the high calcium levels. It is recommended for anyone who might be suffering from anaemia because of the calcium levels.

Amino Acids

Other than the nutrients that come with the food you eat. You need to look at the amino acids the powders come with.

You need at least 20 amino acids to help with muscles building, and out of these, there are nine that your body cannot make on its own.

Whey powder has all these nine since it is an animal product. On the other hand, Pea protein only has three of these amino acids.

That makes the whey protein a better protein in this area.

Absorption Levels

Another tin you need to look closely at is how your body absorbs these proteins. It is known as bioavailability.

It is easier for your body to digest whey protein than pea protein for the better part. The reason for this is the structure of the protein itself. Most plant proteins are not well digested because of the acids they contain.

If you want to get maximum benefits from your pea protein, it might be a while before you can notice the difference.

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Muscle Gain Effectiveness

The other thing you want to look at is how effective these proteins will be to gain muscle.

For the better part, you want a protein that can effectively help you with your workout regimen.

Whey protein is known to be more effective with muscle gain because of the amino acid level.

While both will lead to even more muscle gain, you will get better results when you use whey instead of pea protein.

Effect On Weight Loss

Many people want to know whether they should be taking any of these protein powders when they are on a weight loss journey.

Since so many instructors promote protein powders to aid with muscle healing, it would help to know just how effective they can be.

With whey powder, users say they noticed little to no weight loss. Compared to pea protein's effect, pea protein was a better protein for weight loss.

The reason behind it might be because pea protein leaves one feeling fuller, so they do not have to worry about eating as much as they would eat when they were using whey protein.

Environmental Concerns

Even though this is not related to your weight loss journey in any way, it is good to think about where your food comes from.

With so many talks about animal cruelty, more people are looking for a way to ensure they are conscious about what goes on in their environment.

The one way to do this is to use plant protein. Since it comes from plants, you do not have to worry that you are getting products from poorly treated animals.


Health products tend to have a very distinct taste which discourages most people from using them.

With whey protein, it has been noted that it tastes slightly better because it comes from milk that many people are used to. On the other hand, pea protein was initially said to have a grassy taste that left a bad feeling in the mouth.

Over the years, there have been changes made to the products, and it tastes slightly better, although some people remain sceptical about them.

Final Words

When it comes to protein shakes, you need to figure out which one will work effectively for you. The pointers above show that both the two types of protein in the market have their pros and cons. Go through them and select one that will serve you according to your needs.

Which one would you prefer? Is it whey protein or pea protein?

Comment below.

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