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7 Reasons Why Your Muscles Have Stopped Growing

After changing your workout routine and diet, you finally start to get some solid muscles.

However, after some time, you notice the progress has halted.

Despite the continued effort, your muscles are still not growing.

A person with such an issue might go crazy trying to figure out the root cause of that problem.

Of course, there must be reasons why your muscles have stopped growing.

This guide will take you through the top 7 reasons why your muscles have stopped growing and how you can make them grow again.

Stay tuned as we surf through them! 

7 Reasons Why Your Muscles Have Stopped Growing

1. Training very hard

Do you know that when you intensely train the muscles you’re breaking them down?

Intense training is not good if you want your muscles to grow.

After intensive training, the muscles need to recover from damages inflicted on them. They will then stop growing as they undergo restoration. Training once or twice a week is enough.

2. Training too long

Training for a long time is not good for your muscles. You should keep the workout not intense but not for long hours. One hour for each workout is enough.

Do not train for a long time because, after 45 min of intensive training, cortisol will increase. Cortisol hormone is known to damage the muscle cells so, if you train for more than an hour, the cortisol level will be more, eventually damaging your muscle cells.

After the cells have been destroyed, they will stop growing.

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3. Sleeping too little

Muscles tend to grow as you sleep. As such, it is recommended to sleep for a minimum of 8 hours each day. 

4. Drinking too much alcohol

Too much alcohol breaks down muscle mass. Besides, it damages the ability of the body to gain muscles.

When the muscle mass is destroyed, the muscles will eventually stop growing. It is good to avoid the usage of alcohol if you want your muscles to grow.

5. Not changing the workout routine

Changing your workout routine is also paramount if you want your muscles to keep growing. You should change the workout routine every 6-8 weeks.

When you follow the same workout routine, your muscles adapt to the routine and stops growing. 

6. Not progressively overloading your muscles

Every time you train, try to increase the reps or weight on a particular muscle group. This will help your muscles to grow. 

7. Eating insufficient protein

Do you know that for one to build bigger muscles, more proteins are needed in the body?

Eating protein is the key to getting the bigger muscles you are yearning for. Protein is known as the building block for muscles.

You require 1g of protein for every pound of your body weight. If you don’t consume enough protein with the normal diet, then do supplement with protein shakes. 

Final Thought

These are the reasons why your muscles have stopped growing despite the hard training. There’re many methods to help you grow muscles bigger, but the seven reasons outlined above are enough for a novice bodybuilder.



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