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Buy post-workout supplements online at the best prices. Post-workout supplements are taken after the workout to help the body recover faster. They help repair muscle and recover from post-workout muscle soreness. Post-workout supplements include whey isolate protein, whey concentrate protein, whey blend, Lean muscle gainer, Glutamine, creatine, etc.


Post-workout supplements are health products you take after your workout to help refuel your body and muscles from an intense workout. These supplements are popular because they effectively rejuvenate your body after an exhausting training session. Those who go through fitness exercises want to use post-workout supplements.


Here is what a well-formulated post-workout supplement can do to your body:

Taking a strenuous workout makes your body experience a breakdown of body muscles to supply the body with energy. That is because your body needs extra energy during the activities. At the same time, exercises can also create muscle tears that need repair.

That means your muscle will be in bad shape when you are through with the exercise and need muscle recovery. When you take your post-workout supplements, they help in speeding the recovery of your muscles.

You will therefore need your these supplement for the following:

  • Increased muscle recovery rate
  • Reduced muscle soreness
  • Hydrate your body muscles
  • Improved lean muscle growth
  • Reduced fatigue


Some of the most critical ingredients found in most post-workout supplements are;


The best-formulated post-workout supplement contains Glutamine which is essential in muscle recovery and good for your immune functions. Glutamine powder is pure and has the essential amino acids needed to transport nitrogen in the body. Also, Glutamine is necessary for the growth of immune cells in the body, which is why it is essential for the quick recovery of your body muscles.


Whey protein is ideal for athletes as it helps improve muscle protein synthesis and promotes lean muscle mass. It contains all nine amino acids and has low lactose content.


This substance enhances strength when combined with exercise. It replenishes your ATP stores and increases biochemical mechanisms to promote endurance.


Post-workout supplements contain BCAA, which directly influences protein synthesis and increases muscle blood flow which helps boost muscle gains and longevity for intense and productive workouts.


While it is true that your body needs post-workout supplements to quicken the recovery process, it is essential to know that all bodies are different. Some people may react to the supplement and get any or more of the following side effects:

  • Headache
  • Fast breathing
  • Restlessness
  • Dizziness among others


Some of the best post-workout supplements include

  • Leopard Nutrition Whey Protein Isolate + Concentrate ( Best for post-workout recovery and reducing muscle soreness)
  • Leopard Nutrition Ultra Premium Whey Isolate( Best for recovery, lean muscle gaining and soreness) 
  • Leopard Nutrition Hardcore Muscle Gainer ( Best for gaining lean muscle mass)
  • Leopard Nutrition Pure Creatine Monohydrate( Best for muscle building)
  • Leopard Nutrition Pure Glutamine Powder (Best for intestinal health)
  • Leopard Nutrition Muscle and Strength Formula ( Best for bulking and improving testosterone levels)


Everyone wants to bounce back after exhausting gym exercises and, therefore, wants to get something that will help restore the torn muscles. While there are so many products out there with the same promise of quick recovery, it is crucial to look for what each contains. When you know what each product has, you will know what it will do to your body and, therefore, whether it is the best for you.

The best post-workout supplements are the ones that contain Glutamine, and most of them are in capsules that are designed to protect your muscle breakdown. The Glutamine found in these capsules also helps in promoting faster muscle recovery and improves your immunity.

Therefore, when you choose your supplement, the first thing is to know the product's contents. Next, find out what each product will do to your body and how that benefits you after tearing your muscles in workouts.

Also, taking supplements that work hand in hand with the right nutrition is essential because you should not substitute your nutritional food with supplements. If you have been through a challenging workout, you will need to replenish your body's stores with what you have burned through exercise.

The best time to take your post-workout nutritional food is within the first 30 minutes after the workout. After that, your body needs protein synthesis to take place and help in muscle maintenance and growth. All you need is to ensure you take food that will not allow your protein breakdown to exceed protein synthesis; otherwise, it will affect your muscles.


Post-workout supplements work differently for different individuals, so it is essential to take precautions even as you take your supplements. Supplements are popular among the fitness community because they help in performance. However, experience severe side effects. It will be good to reduce the intake of supplements to avoid problems. It is also important to discuss your supplement intake with your physician if you are unsure whether they can cause severe reactions.


While many stores sell supplements, it is essential to buy your supplements from reputable stores. When looking for the right store, it will help to find the store's experience and the recommendations from their previous clients.

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When to take Post-workout supplements?

It would be best to take it between 5 and 20 minutes after your workout session.

Is Post-workout supplement bad for you?

Exercising causes muscle-protein breakdown, and consuming post-workout supplements after a workout provides your body with amino acids that help repair these proteins. Moreover, it helps build new muscle tissue.

Are post-workouts safe?

Yes, post-workouts are safe but make sure not to exceed the recommended dosage. If you are allergic, consult your doctors before taking any supplements.

Does Post-workout have sugar?

Yes, flavored whey protein and gainers contain sugar but less than 1%. Other post-workout supplements don't contain sugar.

Is post-workout gluten-free?

Yes, Leopard Nutrition post-workout supplements are gluten-free.

Should beginners take post-workout supplements?

Yes, beginners can take post-workout supplements. They will help your body recover quickly from muscle-protein breakdown after every workout. However, always make sure not to exceed the recommended dosage.