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Looking for pre-workout supplements online? Your search ends here. Find the complete range of pre-workout supplements suitable for beginners and pros. 
Pre-workout supplements are used by athletes to enhance their performance by boosting energy and stamina. Also, they help prevent early fatigue and reduce protein breakdown.
Supplementation is not a new term to the game, but pre-workout supplements are not quite old either.


The definition of pre-workout supplements is pretty straightforward. It is a mixture of several ingredients that support your training by increasing your workout regimen. A pre-workout supplement additionally gives you a little extra boost of energy and develops your muscle and endurance to get you through the end of an intense workout. At the same time, these supplements aid in recovery and ease fatigue and soreness after the workout.


Pre-workout supplements combine several ingredients in one tub to promote the following aspects of your workout.


Pre-workouts enhance your endurance by removing mechanisms that cause fatigue. It is possible due to caffeine, which stimulates the body; beta-alanine that eliminates the buildup of acids in the muscle that causes soreness from an intense workout; and Sodium bicarbonate that has been clinically proven to reduce acid accumulation in the muscle tissue.


These supplements enhance your metabolism, consequently boosting your strength. They do so by increasing biochemical mechanisms that give you the burst in energy and allowing your body to carry more amino acids and other helpful nutrients in the muscles. The result is a gradual increase in strength as you exert yourself deeper into the workout and significantly improve your performance.


Pre-workout supplements also promote muscle gains. They contain high levels of essential amino acids that specifically aid muscle protein synthesis. These amino acids bypass the digestive system and become readily available for muscle building. The amino acids increase blood flow to the muscles, thus boosting oxygen levels and transporting nutrients to muscles to elevate training stress.


Some of the most critical ingredients found in most pre-workout supplements are;


This is the same caffeine present in your morning cup of coffee with similar benefits. It not only gives you energy but also promotes your focus deeper into the workout.


This ingredient works synergistically with caffeine to counter some of the side effects of caffeine, such as anxiety, thus focusing on increasing the energy levels.


Buffers the muscles during intense workouts by eliminating acids that cause burning from the muscles. Therefore it enhances endurance and aids in recovery by reducing fatigue.


This substance enhances strength when combined with exercise. It works by replenishing your ATP stores and increasing biochemical mechanisms to promote endurance.


Pre-workout supplements contain BCAA and citrulline that directly influence protein synthesis and increase blood flow to the muscles, respectively. These two promote muscle gains and longevity for intense and productive workouts.


Otherwise is known as 'pump ', enhance muscle strength by allowing the body to carry more nutrients and amino acids.


Side effects will vary from one person to the other depending on their sensitivity to some of these ingredients. The following ingredients may cause reactions in some people.

  • Caffeine- some people may experience anxiety despite the controlled amounts of caffeine in pre-workout supplements.
  • Beta-alanine- Although rare, other people may be allergic to beta-alanine. The effects may show in the form of symptoms such as numbness and tingling.
  • Niacin- Those sensitive to niacin may experience redness on the skin that results in discomfort.


Before you eventually settle on a product, you may have to try a number to find the one that works for your personal preferences and goals. A great place to start is with Leopard nutrition’s pre-workout formulas. They are available in different variations, such as Advanced Pre Workout Pro Formula-Leopard Nutrition and Leopard Nutrition Blast Pre Workout for Pump Strength and Growth.

The advanced formulation has the following benefits;

  • Supports muscle growth

  • Boosts energy for intense workouts
  • Increases metabolic rates to burn more fat

  • It contains sugar-free flavours.

The Blast version bears similar benefits to the advanced formula and also promotes recovery and extra pump. It is ideal for beginners and the Advanced Preworkout is for elite athletes.


Pre-workout supplements are abundant on the market; therefore, sifting through different products to find the ideal match is not a cup of coffee. Before settling on one, always scan through the ingredients list and read several reviews towards an informed decision. It is also highly advisable to buy supplements that have been tested by reputed third parties. These products are not closely regulated; thus, information in labels may be inaccurate.


Pre-workout formulas are not for anyone that exercises or goes to the gym. They are necessary for people who constantly engage in intense workouts, such as athletes, or frequently lack energy. However, the latter alone does not automatically a contender for a pre-workout supplement. Take your time to assess where you lie and whether these supplements are necessary for your goals.


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How to take Pre-Workout?

You should take pre-workout 20-30 minutes before your workout session.

Is Pre-workout bad for you?

Pre-workout helps improve your energy levels and maintains them throughout the workout. However, you should choose your pre workouts cautiously, make sure they don't contain sugar, fillers or preservatives.

Are pre-workouts safe?
Yes, pre-workouts are safe but make sure not to exceed the recommended dosage.
Does Pre-workout have sugar?
Leopard Nutrition pre-workouts don't contain sugar.
Is pre-workout gluten free?
Yes, Leopard Nutrition pre-workout are gluten-free.
Should beginners take pre-workout?
Yes, beginners can take pre-workout but always make sure not to exceed the recommended dosage. Leopard Nutrition blast pre-workout is specially formulated for beginners.
What happens if pre-workout is taken in excess?
Taking pre-workout in excess might  cause increased blood pressure, impaired sleep, and anxiety. It can also cause you to feel jittery and have headache. Please consult a doctor immediately if you have taken a lot more than the recommended amount.
Is it necessary to take pre-workout supplements?
Pre workouts help keep you pumped up throughout the workout session. It means that you can avoid feeling tired in the middle of a workout. If you are involved in vigorous training, pre workouts can significantly help you enhance your performance.