Bodybuilder and NPC-IFBB Pro Judge Jerry Ward Dies at 46

NPC/IFBB Pro Judge and bodybuilder Jerry Ward has passed away at 46 peacefully in his sleep, leaving behind his beloved wife.

Image Source: Fitness Volt 

Popular bodybuilder and NPC/IFBB judge Jerry Ward has died at the age of 46. In a recent post made by bodybuilding promoter Gary Udit, Udit confirmed Ward died last night on Friday July 22, 2022, the cause of death has yet to be made official. 

Ward has been vocal about his love for bodybuilding and will be remembered for years to come for his unparalleled knowledge of the sport. The bodybuilder leaves behind his beloved wife, Erin Merritt. He recently served as a commentator for Udit’s 2022 NPC Teen, Collegiate, and Masters National in Pittsburgh, PA. Hours before passing, Ward even shared a video on his YouTube channel. 

According to Rx Muscle’s Dave Palumbo, Ward was complaining to a friend that he thought he pulled a left rib. Palumbo said the suspected injury was caused after carrying luggage to where he was staying for the week while fulfilling his recent livestream duties.

Dave Palumbo added that Ward used a massage chair but thought the rib issue felt worse after. His friend Rich told him to get checked out by a physician, though Ward decided to sleep it off instead. After Rich texted Jerry reminding him to show up for the livestream duties on Saturday, promoter Gary Udit informed Rich that Ward had passed away. 

In addition to leading a successful career as a bodybuilder, Ward received notoriety online, courtesy of his growing YouTube channel of 155,000 subscribers. As one of the more outspoken commentators in the sport, Ward always provided in depth analysis and detailed observations. Revered for his ambition and work ethic, Jerry owned a successful supplement brand and personal training program called Bios3 Training.



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Source: Fitness Volt