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As of 2021, over 13% of people in the world are obese, and 39% are overweight. Obesity and being overweight are directly linked to eating more calories, lack of exercise, and other factors. That is why when you consume more than you need for energy, weight gain will result.

On all food packaging today, you’ll find calories and other nutritional information listed. Most people associate calories with food and drink. But anything that contains energy has calories. For example, a kilo of coal contains 7 million calories. So, what are calories?

What Are Calories?

In nutrition, a calorie is an energy that an individual gets from food and drink. Basically, it’s the amount of energy in food or drink. So when we eat food and drink beverages, we consume a certain amount of calories.

For example, a medium-sized skin potato has 110 calories while turkey skin has 482 calories. Exotic and tropical fruits such as bananas and kiwi are low in calories. Most fruits may contain many nutrients and natural sugar, but they are low in calories.

Foods that are high in calories include fast food such as French Fries, pizza, and others. In 2013, CDC published a report showing that 11.3% of calories consumed by people in the US come from fast foods.

There are three basic food types that people eat - proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. The amounts of potential energy per g for these foods are as follows:

  • Proteins - 4 calories per g
  • Fats - 9 calories per g
  • Carbohydrates - 4 calories per g

Calorie Intake- Men, Women, and Children

The human body needs food and drink to survive. Our bodies convert the calories into energy used to power essential functions such as breathing. Without energy, the cells in our bodies would die. Then our internal organs would follow - heart, lungs, and other organs as they will be unable to carry out the basic functions needed for survival.

If people consume the recommended number of calories each day, we would not have cases of obesity and overweight. Instead, people would lead healthy lives. However, consumption of less or too many calories can lead to health problems such as weight gain.

Here are the recommended calorie intake for men, women, and children.


Calorie needs for men range from 2,000 to 3,2000 per day. The lower end of calorie intake is ideal for men who get little or no activity in a day. On the other hand, if you’re active all day, the high-end calorie intake range is ideal for you. Unfortunately, as men, calorie intake decreases.

For men aged 50 and over, calorie needs range from 2,000 to 2,200 if not active. If moderately active, older men need 2,200 to 2,400 calories and 2,400 to 2,800 if active.


The recommended daily calorie intake recommended for women is 2,000 per day. For example, if the average woman eats 2,000 calories a day, she can maintain her weight, but to lose weight, her daily calorie intake should be 1,500.

Basically, if you want to lose weight, you need to burn more calories than you eat. With just 30 minutes of walking each day, you can burn 100 to 200 calories. Per week, you can burn anywhere between 500 to 1,000 calories doing this 5 days a week.

Women over 50 should consume 1,600 to 2,000 calories to maintain their weight. If active, we recommend the high end of the calorie intake and less active, stay on the lower end.


Children come in all sizes, and each kid burns calories at different rates. The recommended calorie range for male children aged 4 to 8 years is 1,400, while for female kids is 1,200.

For kids aged 9 to 13 years, the recommended daily calorie intake for males is 1,800 and for females is 1,600.

How to Calculate Calories?

Calculating how many calories you can burn per day is essential to losing, maintaining, and gaining weight. The formula for calculating how many calories an individual burns is the Harris-Benedict Formula.

Developed in the early 20th century, the formula is simple. It multiplies a person’s basic metabolic rate by their average daily activity level.

The Basic metabolic rate is the number of calories an individual burns, and it varies based on genetics, sex, size, and age. To calculate an individual’s BMR, use the person’s height in inches or cm, weight in pounds or kilograms, and years.

  • For men: 66+(6.2 * weight) + (12.7 * height) - (6.76 * age)
  • For women: 655.1 + (4.35 * weight) + ( 4.7 * height) - (4.7 * age)

Now, use the results to multiply against an individual’s average daily activity.

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Interpreting the Results

Using the formula above, let’s find the BMR for the following subject: a 30-year-old male weighing 150 pounds and is 6 feet tall.

(66 + (6.2 *150) + (12.7 * 72) - (6.76 * 30)) * 1.55 = 2224.74 calories per day

This shows that a 30-year-old man weighing 160 pounds with a height of 6 feet and a moderate activity level consumes 2,224.74 calories. By consuming more or fewer calories, he can increase or decrease his weight.

We also recommend using a Calorie Calculator to estimate the number of calories a person needs each day.

How to Reduce Calorie Intake?

The following are effective ways of cutting calories.

  • Always cook your own food
  • Avoid junk food
  • Use smaller dinner plates
  • Watch your portion size
  • Increase your vegetable and fruit intake
  • Include protein in every meal
  • Take lower calorie alcoholic beverages
  • Eat your meals slowly
  • Avoid animal skin, for example, chicken and turkey
  • Skip the second serving
  • Get enough sleep
  • Try intermittent fasting
  • Read food labels

To maintain a healthy weight and cut your calorie intake, drink 8 to 10 glasses of water each day. Before meals, drink water.

Limitations and Risks Involved

While cutting your calorie intake can help you maintain your weight or lose a few pounds, there are risks involved.

Eating fewer calories can lower your metabolism. This can persist long after you’ve stopped restricting your calorie intake.

Researchers believe lower metabolism explains why more than 80% of people regain weight after dieting. As a result of eating fewer calories, muscle loss may occur. Increasing your protein intake and working out will prevent muscle loss.

Consumption of fewer calories can also cause fatigue and nutrient deficiencies. This makes it hard to meet your daily nutrient needs. As such, this may cause hair thinning, brittle nails, reduce bone strength, muscle weakness, and scaly skin.

Restricting calories can negatively affect fertility among women. Women who eat 22 to 42% fewer calories have their reproductive function suppressed. This is because insufficient calorie intake reduces estrogen levels.

Final Thoughts

Calorie intake varies from person to person. Determining the daily recommended calorie intake for you reduces the likelihood of health issues.

If weight loss is your goal, aim for a calorie intake that falls between the amount needed to sustain your body weight and BMR. We recommend using the Harris-Benedict Formula above. 

Carlorie Chart For Some Common Foods

Some common and Indian Food Calorie Chart

Cereals and Millets

Food Servings kcal
Rice (Brown) 100 g 353.7
Rice Parboiled 100 g 351.5
Rice Raw milled 100 g 356.3
Wheat whole 100 g 321.9
Wheat flour 100 g 320.2
Bulgar wheat 100 g 341.7
Refined flour 100 g 351.8
Ragi 100 g 320.7
Rice flakes 100 g 353.7
Wheat semolina 100 g 333.6
Wheat vermicelli 100 g 332.6
Barley 100 g 315.7
Bajra 100 g 347.9
Jowar 100 g 334.1
Quinoa 100 g 328.3
Amaranth seed, Black 100 g 356.1

Grain Legumes

Foods Servings kcal
Bengal gram, dal 100 g 329.1
Bengal gram, whole 100 g 287
Black gram whole 100 g 291.3
Cow pea, brown 100 g 320.2
Cow pea, white 100 g 320.2
Green gram dal 100 g 325.7
Green gram, whole 100 g 293.7
Horse gram, whole 100 g 329.5
Lentil dal 100 g 322.4
Peas, dry 100 g 303.2
Rajma, red 100 g 299.2
Red gram, dal 100 g 330.7
Red gram, whole 100 g 273.9
Soya bean, brown 100 g 381.4

Other Vegetables


Servings kcal

Ash gourd

100 g 17.4
Bamboo shoot, tender 100 g 16.2
Bitter gourd 100 g 20.7
Bottle gourd 100 g 10.9
Brinjal 100 g 25.3
Broad beans 100 g 29.3
Capsicum 100 g 16.2
Cauliflower 100 g 22.9
Celery stalk 100 g 16.4
Cho-Cho-Marrow 100 g 18.8
Cluster beans 100 g 40.1
Cucumber 100 g 19.5
French beans 100 g 24.3
Knol-Khol 100 g 16
Kovai 100 g 19.1
Ladies finger 100 g 27.4
Parwar 100 g 24.1
Peas,fresh 100 g 81.2
Plantain stem 100 g 39.4
Pumpkin 100 g 23.1
Ridge gourd 100 g 13.1
Snake gourd 100 g 12.4
Tomato 100 g 20.7
Zucchini, green 100 g 20

Condiments and Spices

Food Serving(g) kcal
Green chillies 100 45.6
Coriander seeds 100 268.8
Curry leaves 100 63.5
Garlic 100 123.8
Ginger, fresh 100 54.9
Mint leaves 100 37
Onion 100 48
Asafoetida 100 331.5
Cardamom, green 100 255
Red chillies 100 236.6
Cloves 100 186.6
Cumin seeds 100 304.4
Black cumin (Kalonji) 100 345
Fenugreek seeds 100 234.9
Nutmeg 100 463.6
Basil seeds 100 22
Anise seeds 100 153.3
Pepper, black 100 217.4
Poppy seeds 100 422.5
Turmeric powder 100 280.5

Fats and Oils

Food Serving kcal
Ghee 100 920
Butter 100 717
Oil 100 900
Cheese 100 264.5


Food Serving(g) kcal
Beetroot 100 35.6
Carrot 100 33.2
Potato brown 100 69.7
Radish,white 100 32.2
Sweet potato,brown 100 108.9
Tapioca 100 79.8
Yam 100 84.3


Food Serving Calories
Acai Juice 100ml 58 cal
Aloe Vera 100ml 44 cal
Apple Juice 100ml 46 cal
Apricot Nectar 100ml 56 cal
Banana Juice 100ml 50 cal
Blackberry Juice 100ml 48 cal
Boysenberry Juice 100ml 54 cal
Capri-Sun 100ml 41 cal
Carrot Juice 100ml 40 cal
Chamomile Tea 100ml 0 cal
Cherry Juice 100ml 45 cal
Clamato 100ml 60 cal
Coconut Milk 100ml 233 cal
Coconut Water 100ml 19 cal
Concord Grape 100ml 71 cal
Cranberry Apple Juice 100ml 67 cal
Cranberry Grape Juice 100ml 71 cal
Cranberry Juice 100ml 46 cal
Cucumber Juice 100ml 10 cal
Currant Juice 100ml 48 cal
Energy-Drink 100ml 87 cal
Fruitopia 100ml 110 cal
Grape Juice 100ml 60 cal
Grapefruit Juice 100ml 46 cal
Lemon Juice 100ml 21 cal
Lemonade 100ml 50 cal
Lime Juice 100ml 21 cal
Limeade 100ml 128 cal
Mango Lassi 100ml 66 cal
Nestea 100ml 21 cal
Orange Juice 100ml 46 cal
Papaya Juice 100ml 58 cal
Passion Fruit Juice 100ml 48 cal
Peach Juice 100ml 54 cal
Peach Nectar 100ml 54 cal
Pear Juice 100ml 60 cal
Pear Nectar 100ml 60 cal
Pineapple Juice 100ml 53 cal
Pineapple Orange Juice 100ml 50 cal
Plum Juice 100ml 71 cal
Pomegranate Juice 100ml 66 cal
Sauerkraut Juice 100ml 14 cal
Tangerine Juice 100ml 43 cal
Tomato Juice 100ml 17 cal
Vegetable Juice 100ml 21 cal
White Grape Juice 100ml 75 cal

Fish and Sea Food

Food Serving Calories
Anchovy 100g 131 cal
Bluefish 100g 159 cal
Bream 100g 135 cal
Butterfish 100g 187 cal
Calamari 100g 175 cal
Carp 100g 162 cal
Caviar 100g 264 cal
Clam 100g 148 cal
Cod 100g 105 cal
Crawfish 100g 82 cal
Crayfish 100g 87 cal
Eel 100g 236 cal
Fish Fingers 100g 290 cal
Fish Sticks 100g 290 cal
Flounder 100g 86 cal
Grouper 100g 118 cal
Haddock 100g 90 cal
Hake 100g 71 cal
Halibut 100g 111 cal
Herring 100g 203 cal
Hoki 100g 121 cal
Kipper 100g 217 cal
Ling 100g 109 cal
Lobster 100g 89 cal
Mackerel 100g 262 cal
Milkfish 100g 190 cal
Monkfish 100g 97 cal
Mullet 100g 150 cal
Mussel 100g 172 cal
Octopus 100g 164 cal
Pickerel 100g 111 cal
Pickled Herring 100g 262 cal
Pike 100g 113 cal
Plaice 100g 91 cal
Pollack 100g 111 cal
Red Snapper 100g 128 cal
Redfish 100g 94 cal
Rollmops 100g 171 cal
Salmon 100g 206 cal
Sardines 100g 208 cal
Scallops 100g 111 cal
Scampi 100g 84 cal
Sea Bass 100g 124 cal
Shad 100g 252 cal
Shark 100g 130 cal
Smelt 100g 124 cal
Sole 100g 86 cal
Squid 100g 92 cal
Sturgeon 100g 135 cal
Sushi 100g 150 cal
Swordfish 100g 172 cal
Triggerfish 100g 93 cal
Trout 100g 190 cal
Tuna 100g 132 cal
Tuna Salad 100g 187 cal
Turbot 100g 122 cal
Wahoo 100g 167 cal
Whitefish 100g 172 cal
Whiting 100g 116 cal
Zander 100g 84 cal



Food Serving Calories
Acai 100g 70 cal
Apple 100g 52 cal
Applesauce 100g 68 cal
Apricot 100g 48 cal
Avocado 100g 160 cal
Banana 100g 89 cal
Blackberries 100g 43 cal
Blood Oranges 100g 50 cal
Blueberries 100g 57 cal
Cantaloupe 100g 34 cal
Cherries 100g 50 cal
Clementine 100g 47 cal
Cranberries 100g 46 cal
Currants 100g 56 cal
Custard Apple 100g 101 cal
Dates 100g 282 cal
Figs 100g 74 cal
Fruit salad 100g 50 cal
Grapes 100g 69 cal
Greengage 100g 41 cal
Guava 100g 68 cal
Jackfruit 100g 95 cal
Jujube 100g 79 cal
Kiwi 100g 61 cal
Lemon 100g 29 cal
Lime 100g 30 cal
Lychees 100g 66 cal
Mandarin Oranges 100g 53 cal
Mango 100g 60 cal
Minneola 100g 64 cal
Mulberries 100g 43 cal
Nectarine 100g 44 cal
Olives 100g 115 cal
Orange 100g 47 cal
Papaya 100g 43 cal
Passion Fruit 100g 97 cal
Peach 100g 39 cal
Pear 100g 57 cal
Persimmon 100g 127 cal
Physalis 100g 49 cal
Pineapple 100g 50 cal
Plantains 100g 122 cal
Plum 100g 46 cal
Pomegranate 100g 83 cal
Quince 100g 57 cal
Raisins 100g 299 cal
Rambutan 100g 82 cal
Raspberries 100g 52 cal
Rhubarb 100g 21 cal
Starfruit 100g 31 cal
Strawberries 100g 32 cal
Tamarind 100g 239 cal
Tangerine 100g 53 cal
Watermelon 100g 30 cal

Milk and Dairy Products

Food Serving Calories
Almond Milk 100ml 17 cal
Buttermilk 100ml 62 cal
Chocolate Mousse 100g 225 cal
Coconut Milk 100ml 230 cal
Coffee Creamer 100g 195 cal
Condensed Milk 100g 321 cal
Cottage Cheese 100g 98 cal
Cream 100g 242 cal
Creme Fraiche 100g 393 cal
Curd 100g 98 cal
Custard 100g 122 cal
Evaporated Milk 100g 135 cal
Goat Milk 100g 69 cal
Hot Chocolate 100ml 89 cal
Kefir 100ml 55 cal
Lactose-free Milk 100ml 52 cal
Lassi 100ml 75 cal
Milk 100ml 61 cal
Plain Yogurt 100g 61 cal
Powdered Milk 100g 496 cal
Quark 100g 145 cal
Rice Milk 100ml 49 cal
Rice Pudding 100g 118 cal
Semi-skimmed Milk 100ml 50 cal
Semolina Pudding 100g 67 cal
Skim Milk 100ml 35 cal
Sour Cream 100g 181 cal
Soy Milk 100ml 45 cal
Sweetened Condensed Milk 100ml 321 cal
Tzatziki 100g 117 cal
Whipped Cream 100g 257 cal
Whole Milk 100ml 61 cal
Yogurt 100g 61 cal


Nuts and Seeds

Food Serving Calories
Acorn 100g 387 cal
Alfalfa Sprouts 100g 23 cal
Almonds 100g 575 cal
Beechnut 100g 576 cal
Brazil Nuts 100g 656 cal
Breadfruit 100g 191 cal
Butternut 100g 612 cal
Cashew 100g 553 cal
Chestnut 100g 213 cal
Chia Seeds 100g 486 cal
Coconut 100g 354 cal
Cotton Seeds 100g 506 cal
Flaxseed 100g 534 cal
Ginkgo Nuts 100g 182 cal
Goa Bean 100g 409 cal
Hazelnut 100g 628 cal
Hickory Nuts 100g 657 cal
Lima Beans 100g 71 cal
Lotus Seed 100g 89 cal
Macadamia Nuts 100g 718 cal
Peanuts 100g 567 cal
Peas 100g 81 cal
Pecan Nuts 100g 691 cal
Pecans 100g 691 cal
Pili Nuts 100g 719 cal
Pine Nuts 100g 673 cal
Pinto Beans 100g 347 cal
Pistachios 100g 562 cal
Poppy Seeds 100g 525 cal
Pumpkin Seeds 100g 559 cal
Radish Seeds 100g 43 cal
Safflower Seeds 100g 517 cal
Sesame Seeds 100g 573 cal
Smoked Almonds 100g 575 cal
Soy Beans 100g 147 cal
Sunflower Seeds 100g 584 cal
Sweet Chestnut 100g 194 cal
Walnuts 100g 654 cal
Watermelon 100g 30 cal

Oils and Fats

Food Serving Calories
Almond Oil 100ml 882 cal
Avocado Oil 100ml 857 cal
Butter 100g 720 cal
Canola Oil 100ml 884 cal
Coconut Oil 100ml 857 cal
Cod Liver Oil 100ml 1000 cal
Corn Oil 100ml 800 cal
Cottonseed Oil 100ml 882 cal
Flaxseed Oil 100ml 884 cal
Ghee 100g 120 cal
Goose Fat 100g 898 cal
Grape Seed Oil 100ml 884 cal
Hemp Oil 100ml 807 cal
Herring Oil 100ml 902 cal
I can\’t believe it\’s not Butter 100g 357 cal
Lard 100g 902 cal
Macadamia Oil 100ml 819 cal
Margarine 100g 717 cal
Mustard Oil 100ml 884 cal
Olive Oil 100ml 884 cal
Palm Oil 100ml 882 cal
Peanut Oil 100ml 857 cal
Real Butter 100g 720 cal
Rice Bran Oil 100ml 889 cal
Safflower Oil 100ml 857 cal
Sardine Oil 100ml 902 cal
Sesame Oil 100ml 884 cal
Soybean Oil 100ml 889 cal
Sunflower Oil 100ml 884 cal
Walnut Oil 100ml 889 cal


Food Serving Calories
Azuki Bean 100g 124 cal
Bamboo Shoots 100g 27 cal
Bean Curd 100g 76 cal
Bean Sprouts 100g 30 cal
Bengal Gram 100g 364 cal
Black Beans 100g 341 cal
Black Chickpeas 100g 364 cal
Black Gram 100g 341 cal
Brown Lentil 100g 353 cal
Butternut 100g 612 cal
Chickpeas 100g 364 cal
Chili Bean 100g 97 cal
Dal 100g 230 cal
Deep-Fried Tofu 100g 271 cal
Extra-Firm Tofu 100g 91 cal
Firm Tofu 100g 70 cal
Flageolet 100g 85 cal
Fried Bean Curd 100g 271 cal
Green Beans 100g 31 cal
Green Gram 100g 347 cal
Green Lentil 100g 257 cal
Kidney Beans 100g 337 cal
Lentils 100g 353 cal
Lima Beans 100g 71 cal
Marron 100g 210 cal
Miso 100g 199 cal
Mung Beans 100g 12 cal
Natto 100g 212 cal
Navy Bean 100g 337 cal
Okara 100g 77 cal
Okra 100g 33 cal
Peanuts 100g 567 cal
Peas 100g 42 cal
Pecan 100g 691 cal
Pinto Beans 100g 347 cal
Puy Lentils 100g 345 cal
Rajma 100g 140 cal
Red Beans 100g 124 cal
Red Kidney Bean 100g 337 cal
Red Lentils 100g 329 cal
Refried Beans 100g 91 cal
Roasted Soybeans 100g 471 cal
Silken Tofu 100g 55 cal
Soft Tofu 100g 61 cal
Soy Cheese 100g 235 cal
Soy Mayonnaise 100g 322 cal
Soy Nut Butter 100g 562 cal
Soy Nuts 100g 471 cal
Soy Yogurt 100g 66 cal
Soya Cheese 100g 235 cal
Soybeans 100g 147 cal
Soynut Butter 100g 562 cal
Sugar Peas 100g 42 cal
Sweet Peas 100g 48 cal
Tempeh 100g 193 cal
Textured Soy Protein 100g 571 cal
Textured Vegetable Protein 100g 333 cal
Tofu 100g 76 cal
White Beans 100g 336 cal
Yam Bean 100g 38 cal
Yellow Lentils 100g 304 cal
Yuba 100g

176 cal