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L- Carnitine 1500 for Boosted Metabolism and Improved Muscle Gain

L- Carnitine 1500 for Boosted Metabolism and Improved Muscle Gain

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Leopard Nutrition L-carnitine 1500 helps with the biochemical mechanisms that transfer fatty acids from body tissue and transport these to cells to convert them into energy.  L-Carnitine assists in the processing of fatty acids, helping your body better utilize fat as a fuel, which supports a healthy weight. Our L-Carnitine 1500 metabolic enhancer shots naturally aid in muscle preservation during training making it a powerful workout supplement for men and women. Enjoy a boost of clean energy with no sugar and no carbs.

It is also, known to improve muscle recovery, and stamina and reduce muscle soreness ( increased blood flow and higher levels of oxygen tend to reduce the muscle soreness that comes from exercise.)

A Perfect supplement for those looking to improve body composition and athletic performance in or out of the gym.


About this item

  • Leopard Nutrition's L-Carnitine delivers 1500mg of Advanced L-Carnitine Complex per serving.
  • Boost Your Training; Improve heart function and exercise capacity.
  • Helps enhance stamina and reduce muscle tiredness and soreness.
  • Boost metabolism, help you lose weight, and enhance your athletic performance.
  • May improve recovery from high-intensity training by speeding up the processes of rebuilding tissue
  • 30 Serving;  450ml
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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Harshit Rajput
Very poor quality

I have been using since 5days and my friend who is also using we both get sick different type of pain in neck after using that

Ravi kataria

Very good product and amazing results

Best value for money

Best fat loss product it's help to click stored fat of our body and use to generate fuel and Leopard Nutrition L-CARNITINE is a Best option in market. My suggestion one time use it

Anuj Rawat
Amazing Product

Amazing flavor & easy-to-use & quality is perfect, use it before workout & you will see the changes immediately. Thanks for such amazing quality

Pawan Kumar
Best products

its work really works. taste is also good, the fat burner I use regularly no side effects. superb product.