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Leopard Nutrition

Leopard Nutrition - Protein Shaker Bottle - 760ml

Leopard Nutrition - Protein Shaker Bottle - 760ml

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Leopard Nutrition Protein shaker bottles are made from 100% Toxin Free material that is safe to your body and environmentally friendly. Excellent for any sport and fitness enthusiast. Its unique and portable design makes it easy to carry your favorite drinks for your workout, lifting session, swimming, running, weightlifting and any other sport.

People are using Leopard Nutrition's mini shaker for months , and this protein shaker bottle is the perfect to take drink mixes on the go. Bottle is the perfect size, and the whisk ball makes it super convenient to grab and carry.

Best companion for gym freaks and sportspersons to have those pre and post-workout drinks or weight-related supplements in an instant.

Useful Tip : One tip you should always add some liquid first before your powders. That way none of the powder gets stuck at the bottom of the bottle.

About this item

  • shakers 760ml capacity each with wire whisk .
  • Freezer safe, Food grade materials and easy to clean.
  • The carefully designed bottle makes mixing your protein powder with liquid possible without any clumping.
  • Wide mouth makes it easy to add mix scoops and liquids, and embossed markings measure milliliters, so your shake tastes great and always measures up.
  • Ideal for Protein, Preworkout and BCAAs drinks, protein shakes, smoothies or anything you want.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Suyog tarole
Best shaker bottle at this price range

I had purchased this product after searching a were good.when I recieved the product used it for some days and can say that yes its good. Doing its job of mixing protien and other substance very well. easy to clean also by use of hands. No leakage at all. Best shaker bottle at this price range.

Vishal kalra
Absolutely as described in the description

It is one of the best purchases I've made this year, it's leak proof, stylish and sleek. I've used it in shoots as well, its easy to clean and exactly how I expected it to be. No complains with this product.

Ankit Mahal
Very good product

Really loved it as a regular gym user it really helps its way better than those cheap plastic shakers its a lot sturdier and leak proof too and it mixes protein and other things well too highly recommended also by an Indian brand

Shiv Kathuria
Truly Best and Cheap.

2 big concerns wen buying shaker is the - - 1. Built quality of the shaker. And - 2. Whether it leaks. Can assure u after using both of these are this shakers strength in fact. Go for it blindly. Superior quality and absolutely 0 leakage even on vigorous shaking and twisting.

Yash Sharma
Quality is superb

This is one of the best shakers I have ever used till date, the quality of this shaker is up to mark and the toughness is excellent, it wont break even if if you drop it from first floor, I was looking for a gym shaker which is of great quality and have enough size so that I do not have to refill it after every 10 minutes in the gym and this shaker ends my search here, If I talk about the looks of the shaker then this is probably the best shaker according to the looks, It will grab the attention in the gym definitely so if you are looking for a shaker which is of great quality than this might be a great choice for you guys.